Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Timeless Time

Sand-scape...In its depth is buried untouched, unredeemable time. The ocean that once existed now exists simply as the exuberant sand. T.S.Eliot was right when he said, "...that which is only living Can only die"...for me that which is dead can only relive. Don't dead poets relive in our imagination, hearts, mind and soul? Eliot himself is an example. Levi-Strauss talks about the existence of binaries...love/hate, male/female, life/death... The sea and the desert too are binaries...The deep blue kingdom has been overtaken by the regime of pale yellowness. Human life is lost in the sands of time... Coming back to the sand-scape...In the far distance lies an oasis...Proof of life's existence??Perhaps yes...For me it is a distorted past present in the present...Deep within the deep seas dwell magical creatures...Who knows, if we dig deep into the deserts, we might discover a sea of undiscovered life...

Why are tears salty? Is it because of the sea we imbibe within our souls? Everything which once was, is and will be is an ocean dissolving eternally into infinite sands of time.

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6 comments/suggestions:

Divya said...

:)..was so waiting for this..

'The Why' takes the cake & the icing!
And the questioning answer instead of ending it all in a banal dead end, evokes still more ruminations & reflections..Like you said, Buried Magic!!
Will savour this while i get back to waiting.....:D..!!

VISHNU said...

the last 3 lines were so touching.. the tears are salty because they shd always come as a reason of happy moments(since evrywhere there shd be balance..)

Vishal... said...

tears tasting salty... awesome :)

after ages i knocked ur blog, i get to find something valuable always.. :)

cheers to salty anukriti..

Abhyudaya said...

Well, romanticism does not justify the connections established. Tears and sea are no where related, sand and forest are as oppositely placed as sand and sea. That's the problem with abstract thinking. You can't reason with it. So, better I'd just go shh... and listen to you.

I am impressed. Good prose poetry.

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Prashant said...

well .. a proper organised blog .. with scattered articles.. i wonder if u r a journalist or reporter ??

nice work ..