Monday, 6 August 2007

Love is in the Air

The day i met u, my fantasies changed into reality
The dysphoria of my life suddenly neutralized into ecstasy
Your smile captivates me in a timeless trance
And i feel benumbed as my heart n soul begin2dance
Love is in the air i can feel u everywhere
Your touch is like a zephyr full of warmth n tenderness
Your love has overpowered me into a zone of ceaseless happiness
I feel undying love for u, i feel elevated,
For me u r the most precious gift, the almighty created
Love is in the air i can feel you everywhere
Now to my life each dawn has something new to bring
You have permeated in my soul n changed evrything
An ocean of love is wat i see in ur resplendent eyes
Our love is pulchritudinous, a love that never dies
Love is in the air i can feel you everywhere.

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4 comments/suggestions:

adhishg said...

nice write up...
your a very deep and fantastic writer..
keep up the goood work
chk my blog too..
best of luck

aint_no_saint said...

hmmmm... compared to wat I'v read above by U.. dis ws in Golfing terms.. a Par performance :) bt a good one neways.. Jst mayb coz I'v cm out and left behind d Romantic genre!!

aint_no_saint said...

Hv Borrowed a Few f ur Pics as a part my collection
Thanx :)

avanika said...

thanx 4 writing this...its toooo good