Monday, 6 August 2007

Stream of Consciousness

where are we heading to?
To what purpose are we living it?
Are we really living it whole heartedly?
Too many questions...Few answers...Abundant thoughts...not at all reasonable...not logical...not rational!
Trust is juxtaposed with mistrust and Love with hatred...
Amalgamating these binary opposites together gives life to nascent thoughts...again innumerable questions and insignificant answers!
Life is complicated!
So are We!

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4 comments/suggestions:

Abhishek* said...

If you stare in the eyes of life, the emptiness of life stares back at you. But if you hold the hands of life, it holds you too. Life is meaningless as long as meaning is sought.

Those who know love know that love is a world of thousand ironies. There is no gray there, but black and white live together. There is an irony, but there is no conflict.


coz we r wat life is :)

The Rebel said...

Life is not complicated,
We complicate life..
Depends on the eye of the beholder..

Anonymous said...

tis not few answers .... there aint any answers at all ..... point of no return perhaps!!!!