Thursday, 7 March 2013

Do Not Make India a Living Hell, Promise Yourself to 'Ring the Bell'

In India violence against women is endemic. Time and again, the overlords of patriarchy have drawn lakshman rekhas and forcefully shackled our lives by denying us basic rights. But we women are not merely puppets that can tied to a string and be played around with. We are as human as men are. We too have dreams and aspirations.
Yes we do have hands and legs and breasts and hips too. But no one, no one in this world has the right to touch us without our permission.
Men are not just a pair of eyeballs that ogle at every other woman they see. Men were not born to abuse, rape, or molest us. Human beings respect each other. Then why are we women denied basic freedoms like the freedom to be born, to study and work, and to wear whatever as we like?

Women should be treated as humans and not as effigies representing familial or societal honour. A woman in India is either monumentalized as a  Goddess or neglected as a filthy vermin. Why can't we be what we are? Why should we be forced to live in a world where we cannot trust men, love them, and adore them?

Most of us have experienced disrespect, hatred, and unwanted attention. We are forced to stay indoors and not venture out after dark. But isn't it true that most cases of molestation, rape, and domestic violence happen behind closed doors and the in comfort of our homes?

So what is the solution? Taking the first step towards change is what we need to do. Let us promise ourselves to treat women with respect. Indiblogger and Breakthrough have joined hands and made a promise. The promise to "Ring the Bell". Ring the Bell is an award-winning global campaign which calls on men and boys to come together and fight against domestic violence. 

Do not make India a living hell, 
Promise yourself to 'Ring the Bell'.
Here's how you can 'Ring the Bell' and change someone's life:

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7 comments/suggestions:

Rahul Bhatia said...

Wish everyone understands this and act in a manner befitting humans!

gayatri soni said...

Wish to get a better world for us! :)

Saurabh Chawla said...

hope every one gets the point across :) a good initiative and a very good post :)

Surbhi Bafna said...

Very evocative post. Truly in India, women are either goddess or vermin. Ther are never seen as just another human being. I hold the conviction that a few can make the change. Kudos to you, Indiblogger and all those who are ringing the bell.
Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

Nirvana said...

Such a thoughtful post!! And yes, ironic how we worship women and the next moment degrade them - for the simple reason of being a woman! Very well written.

Ramalingam K B said...

nice post

Anupamreddy Anugu said...

a very good post. just loved it...!!!